Friday, November 27, 2054

A Note to my readers

To this point, you've read a little over 40,000 words. That makes this about 40% of the average novel. Since there's no hard and fast rule on that, I may write more than average, I may write less. Whatever the case, from here on in, you'll be reading brand new chapters. Yes, I'm done rewriting and editing what I've written along the way, and now I've got to start creating the rest of the book.

I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you start seeing a difference (good or bad) between what starts showing up now and what was posted before. And in case you're not a Polybloggimous reader, you should know that I intend to take a scalpel to Chapter One. Read the link for my reasoning/surrender.

So, anyway, I doubt I'll be getting chapters posted as quickly from here on in, but I hope to be steady.

Once again, your observations will be most welcome.

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