Sunday, December 6, 2054

Chapter Twenty-Two

After Paul left the room, Addie looked Bolling in the eye. "Well, was I right or was I right"?

Bolling poured a fresh cognac for each of them. "Adelaide", he said, " I think he'll do quite nicely. I was dubious when you floated this idea. He's slow out of the gate, but he finishes strong. Yes, we can definitely work with him."

"Did you see the way he almost took my head off over the Wainright thing, which, come to think of it, is probably a great idea. Anyway, if Harkness throws in with us, we'll have two weeks to make sure he really is up to it. I think he is, but if not, we'll just quietly let him fade into oblivion. I'll withhold my 'I told you so' until then".

Bolling lifted his glass. "Addie, When the time comes, you'll be welcome to it".

They both drank.

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