Wednesday, December 16, 2054

Yipee, Yipee, OMG Its The Contest Results

Like I said, the contest is over and done. But go ahead and read the results. I know you want to.

I really like you guys and I'm not sure how to say this, but many of your efforts here...ahem...lacked luster. Steve had a couple of great ones for the chapter at the airport and Janiece is writing for ER. Jim and Jeri get points for shear volume. I already had a version of Jim's "First Daughter is hotter in person" and Jeri's "red button" joke.

So, without further ado, there is one Grand Prize winner and one Honorable Mention that will both be included. (That'll leave 3 slots open on the Top Ten List, so feel free to make further suggestions later.)

Grand Prize: I'm altering Todd Wheeler's line slightly to read, "Are the kids home from school? I have a great drinking game we could all play."

Honorable Mention: Jim Wright's "Bill Clinton, Margret Thatcher, and the Pope walk into a bar...stop me if you've heard this one."

Todd, send me an email (its linked on my profile) and I'll send you back a link to my LibraryThing account and you can pick your prize.

And remember everybody, there are no losers here, only people who neglected to win.

Thanks for playing!


Jim Wright said...

Sigh, second place again. I can't believe neither burrito comment made it into the top ten - that's pure David Letterman right there, I mean Letterman practically pioneered the burrito joke...

(kicks stone, head down, hands in pockets)


Nathan said...


I did give you credit for volume.

Janiece Murphy said...

ER? Get real. I write for Grey's Anatomy, home of the original "Va-jay-jay" comment.

Nathan said...

OK fine. You write for whatever show you like, but, to paraphrase A League of Their Own, there's no colostomies in the war room.


Todd Wheeler said...

I'm humbled. Not so much to give up the swag, but humbled regardless. Thanks, Nathan!

Nathan said...

As soon as I locate it in the totally disorganized shelves, Todd will be getting the first book in the Honor Harrington series. I'm a big fan and couldn't be happier about the prospect of hooking someone else into the series.

And to make it all even shinier, Todd's going to a con where David Weber is the GOH and presumably, he'll get the book signed.

Oooooh, vicarious tinglies!